essay #1

carpe diem essay

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Crucible Essay

good hamlet essay

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Play Write Up and Script

crucible journals

drama proj write up



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Hamlet Journals (all 5)

act 1 hamlet journal

act 2 journal

act 3 journal good

act 4 journ

act 5 journals

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crucible journals (this one works)

crucible journals

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crucible journal

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sonnet 130

My lover’s eyes are nothing like the sun

Her lips are not as red coral

If the snow is white, her breasts are dark

If hers hairs were wires, they would be black not gold

I see no rose in her cheeks

I find more delight in other woman’s scent

Than the stench of her breath

I love the sound of her voice, but I keep in mind

That music has a more pleasing sound

I have never seen a goddess

I know my mistress only walks on the ground

Yet, I know my love for her is one of a kind

Just like others who are unreasonably compared, love is blind

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sonnet 29

When I am mourning myself for how others view me

By myself, I mourn for my loneliness

And I pray to heaven, but no one hears it.

I then look in the mirror and curse my fate

Wishing I had the hope of other men

I wish I was like him, I wish was surrounded by friends who loved me

I want this man’s skill, and another’s vision

I no longer am content with what I used to find happiness in

When I think like this, I hate myself

I think of you, I think of my current situation

Like the bird that rises with the day

And sings to the dark earth at the gates of heaven

When I think of you I become happy, all my problems melt away

Then I learn to love myself, all I need is you for happiness

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What is evil?

Jack Tragert
What is evil?

What is evil? Not only is the question broad, but it is very deep. Evil does not have one definition, it does not have bounds. Many argue that evil describes human nature, in fact a writing movement in 19th century known as the Dark Romantics is a movement directly referring to human nature being evil. We have all seen evil, most of us have been evil in some way. Whether this be making fun of someone, or stealing something. Evil surrounds us, and some people are so evil that most of us cannot comprehend how evil a person can be. When one thinks of evil they think of the devil, or other dark symbols that often symbolize evil. I think that evil is simply a description. A description of an action, or a person. Anything can be evil, a poster, an animal, a person, a poison, or even a cute kitten. Evil can be masked, with charm and intelligence. So many kinds of evil exist I could start writing about them and never stop writing. Evil is a school of thought, something that means horrible, vengeful, harmful. Examples of evil are all around us, Dr. Evil in Austin Powers, the popular girl at school who start rumors, the man on the news who killed his wife, fire that took a home. Evil cannot be defined. Asking the question, what is evil cannot be answered in a short writing prompt. The best definition of evil that I can give is simply a description of how something or someone is. The aspects to evil are so many and it is around us so much that it is very difficult to define.

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What is zero?

Zero is one of the most unique concepts in math, and can give one a headache very quickly. Zero is not positive, or negative yet it is on the number line. Zero is not a number, it has no value. When you ask three different math teachers what zero is, you could get three different answers. If you were to ask a normal person what zero is, they would most like say that is a number that has no value. If you were to ask me what zero is, I would say it is a number with no value. I do not know exactly what zero is, all I can do is give my best interpretation of the very little information I have learned about zero. Whenever a math teacher is asked about zero they commonly give some extremely complicated answer that no one listens to or no one understands. This is why I do not know what zero is. Without zero, math couldn’t be possible. It is nothing, yet it is everything. It is the place holder for large numbers, and without it we could not go above 9 on our number line. We could easily still be using ancient forms of math with letters or dots and stripes as our numbers. Simply asking what zero is a question that I do not know the answer to. I do know that is nothing and is a whole different realm than simply an integer on the number line.

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